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Sorry for the inconvenience, but I am no longer accepting new clients at this time.


Hello and welcome! My name is Jeannie Nahashon also known as Jeannie the Health Coach. As you peruse my site I'd love to tell you a bit more about who I am and what I do. But first, what I do. At the heart of my practice is helping clients create and re-establish healthy choices with food by addressing eating habits and lifestyle choices. We look at all the factors that contribute to your health and we take a whole person holistic view on how we can make lasting modifications that will result in you feeling your best. I firmly believe that when you identify the foods that fuel you and create healthy habits that support your lifestyle, you can achieve your health goals -- and sustain them.

My path to becoming a Health Coach started with my own health history. Overnight, I went from a perfectly healthy, active individual to bedridden, constipated, and suffering from severe and debilitating incontinence for months. This experience created Jeannie the Health Coach before I even knew who she was. Through this journey, I found the medicinal power of food, which is the foundation of my practice.

For my full story on how I went from healthy, to unhealthy, to thriving again. It's a great read, I promise!

For my full background and history with health.

My Specialties

Digestive health 

Anti-inflammatory diets 

Elimination diets

Home cooking

Healthy habit-forming

Healthy lifestyle choices

Healthy weight-loss

Blood Sugar regulation 
Hormonal imbalances 
Estrogen dominance & high cortisol 

What I Offer

Free Health History

One-on-one sessions

One-on-one virtual cooking classes

Supermarket walk-throughs

Farmers market walk-throughs

Pantry and kitchen overhauls

* I work with your doctors and other specialists. Just put us in touch.

*The offerings that will be made available to you will depend on the package you choose. 

What People Are Saying

“Before I came to Jeannie I was in a place where I knew I wanted to change and eat better, I just didn't have the right knowledge and guidance to transform my eating habits. In my first 12 sessions working with Jeannie I truly have went from someone who was in a meh place, to someone that has more routines and eats super healthy meals. I've built up more awareness, better habits, and life hacks that make my day to day so much better. Jeannie is super open, reads people well, is absolutely hilarious, and such a joy to talk to. Working with Jeannie = a judgement free zone and she will adapt to you and your lifestyle.  This is super helpful and an important characteristic of any coach because it sets you up to succeed. I'd highly recommend working with Jeannie and have already signed up  for another 12 sessions.” 

—  Latoya H


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