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Health History

I offer free Health Histories to both prospective clients and those who have already purchased coaching with me. Health Histories are a great way for us to talk about your history with health, address your questions and concerns and map out your health goals moving forward. This is also a great time for both of us to see if we'd be a good match before you decide on what package you'd like. If you're interested in booking a free Health History today, click the "how do I get started" tab below and send me a message. I'll be in touch shortly. 


I offer 3 types of coaching packages to meet you where you're at. Each tier offers something different:


The Basic Package: With this package you get, one-on-ones with supplemental handouts and resources that will be beneficial to your journey.


The Standard package: This includes one-on-ones, hand-outs and a Supermarket walk-through, where I go shopping with you, guide you through the areas of the store you want to spend most your time in and help you find the healthy foods you love.


The All-Access Package: With this package you get everything in both the Basic and Standard packages and then some. I help you organize your pantry and/or kitchen, you get cooking demos where we can cook together, and even go to the Farmers Market together. This tier also gives you text access to me, so that you can have on-the-spot support wherever you go. 


All tiers are 12 weeks and we meet once per week. Before your first session, you and I will do a Health History so I can asses your needs and go over your goals. After 12 weeks, you will be able to purchase another package. If you'd like to purchase a package today, send me a message through the "how do I get started" tab and I'll get back to you within 24 hours. If your message is sent on a weekend, I will get back to you that following weekday. 

*All coaching is virtual. Supermarket walk-throughs, farmers market walk-throughs, cooking demo's and pantry overhauls all can be conducted virtually. 




Supermarket walk-throughs
Farmers Market walk-throughs
Pantry overhaul 
2 virtual cooking classes with me


Supermarket walk-throughs 

Payment Options

1. You can pay for all 12 sessions upfront and get 10% off.

2. You can pay full price for all 12 sessions in 2 installments. The first payment would be due before the first session and the second payment would be due before the mid-way session.  

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